Toxic Bunny HD

Title: Toxic Bunny HD
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Celestial Games
Publisher: Celestial Games
Release Date: Jul 18, 2014

Semi Visible Chickens. Hamster launchers. triple strength espresso, Armoured sentient mucus. Just a day in the office for Toxic Bunny. 

Toxic Bunny is what would happen if the Looney Toons & Monty Python were heavily armed and thrown into a blender with the best (and worst) movies of the 90’s and turned the results into a retro platform game. 

Find out what happens when an almost normal rabbit gets into a really bad mood. Follow Toxic as he tries to find the person responsible for interrupting his coffee break, brainwashing all his friends and covering the planet with decaffeinated goo. 

** Show general disregard for public safety by firing the NITRIC HAMSTER LAUNCHER (the only known weapon to guarantee a fatality).

** Giggle evilly as you squish aliens with rusty nautical equipment.

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