Build A Boat App

Developed for: Parroco Production Group
Platform: Web
Price: FREE!
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.3

Build-A-Boat is a fun way to teach boaters the basics of boating safety. Instead of suffering through a boring book or video full of numbers and statistics you can experience the real life situations first hand. Start by customizing your boating experience with the safety necessities. Choose your crew, make sure they have the correct gear onboard, and then send them across the water. Did you prepare well enough to elude the perils of boat navigation?

Build-A-Boat is the perfect way to teach children about boating safety. The simple, intuitive, and visually stimulating gameplay captures their attention and imagination. Simplifying down the massively complex topic of boating safety allows children to understand concepts that would usually be far beyond their grasp. Most importantly, having a medium for adults to sit down with their children and be able to tangibly involve them in the safety process opens a massive amount of previously closed doors. Now, parents can cater their teaching to a specific situation and their child’s knowledge level. Which makes Build-A-Boat infinitely versatile, customizable, and the perfect game for any boat-going family.


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