Build A Boat App

Developed for: Parroco Production Group
Platform: Web
Price: FREE!
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.3

Build-A-Boat is a fun way to teach boaters the basics of boating safety. Instead of suffering through a boring book or video full of numbers and statistics you can experience the real life situations first hand. Start by customizing your boating experience with the safety necessities. Choose your crew, make sure they have the correct gear onboard, and then send them across the water. Did you prepare well enough to elude the perils of boat navigation?

Build-A-Boat is the perfect way to teach children about boating safety. The simple, intuitive, and visually stimulating gameplay captures their attention and imagination. Simplifying down the massively complex topic of boating safety allows children to understand concepts that would usually be far beyond their grasp. Most importantly, having a medium for adults to sit down with their children and be able to tangibly involve them in the safety process opens a massive amount of previously closed doors. Now, parents can cater their teaching to a specific situation and their child’s knowledge level. Which makes Build-A-Boat infinitely versatile, customizable, and the perfect game for any boat-going family.


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Platform: iOS | Android | Windows Phone
Price: $Unknown
Release Date: TBD
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.3

Phaseburn is a top-down action/puzzle game that centers on an ex-intelligence operative named Gabriel Caine. Gabriel served for several years as an operative working for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), and specialized in covert espionage and computer hacking. The player cannot use weapons and instead must use his Q.T.D. (Quantum Teleportation Device) to take down the corrupt government organization behind its creation.


Rocket Dog (Contract)

Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog Logo
Developed for: Jungle Pixel Studio
Platform: iOS
Price: FREE!
iOS Release Date: March 9, 2014
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.3
Download For: iOS Button

Rocket Dog is a simple yet difficult skill based game that relies on your speed and reflexes. Similar to the smash hit “Flappy Birds” by Dong Nguyen Rocket Dog give the player the ability to control their character (Rover) through randomly positioned obstacles. However, this is easier said then done. It requires expert timing to control Rover in the depths of space. Compete for the High Score on the Game Center Leaderboards to see if you have what it takes!


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inhinite heist bob vignette

Infinite Heist

Burglar Bob WaterMark

Platform: iOS | Android
Price: FREE!!
Release Date: March 22, 2014
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.3

Download For: iOS Button Android Button

Infinite Heist is a simple twitch-style reflex game that is easy to understand but difficult to master. The player controls Bob who, you guessed it, is a burglar. His uncontrollable urge to pick up loot brings him to the worlds most well protected vaults in search of his next big loot drop. With cloudy judgment from his insatiable appetite for loot, Bob is always unprepared and has to dodge his way out of the dangerous vault security. With no help he is stuck avoiding vault security as long as he can with no hope of escape. His only option is to stay alive as long as he can while racking up a massive high score! Do you have what it takes to be a top the leaderboards?



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Chinese Flip™ (Contract)

Chinese Flip

Final Company Logo
Developed for: Appedom
Platform: Android | iOS
Price: Free + Pro Version ($3.25)
Android Release Date: 12/17/13
iOS Release Date: 12/15/13
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.2
Download For: iOS Button Android Button

Chinese Flip™ is an application designed by Appedom and developed by Blink Twice Games. The purpose of this application is to provide users with a quick, easy, and effective way to learn Chinese characters and phrases. Users can easily access 15 different Categories and over 700 phrases at launch. After studying and listening to each phrase the user will complete a puzzle to reinforce what they learned. Chinese Flip™ is a “must-have” application for anyone trying to learn the Chinese language!


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Noble End

Noble End Icon NEW Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99!
iOS Release Date: 08/10/2013
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.2
Download For: iOS Button Windows Button

A once flourishing city known the world over for its scientific advancements has been invaded by a powerful foreign country. Without a military presence in this peaceful town of academia it is quickly overrun. The scientists are forced to work tirelessly on weapons of war while their families are held hostage. The city is lost and the only hope for its few remaining residents is to flee

Ryder and his family are some of the last residents to hold out. As one of the lead scientists in the Super Human Research department Alexander has been able to artificially alter his body. These alterations allow him to fire powerful projectiles from one hand and create energy barriers with the other. He must use these powers to help his family escape the city no matter the cost.

~Action Packed Gameplay!
Battle increasingly difficult waves of enemies in an endless onslaught of exciting challenges.

~Master Unique Abilities
Use your 5 unique abilities to combat the enemy to master each one and perfect your skills.

Use Game Center to battle your friends for the top spot on the leaderboards.

Collect Game Center achievements to show off your skills to your friends.

~Pixelated Art Style

Experience the old-school graphics of classic retro games in this stunning experience

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UnderWars Icon Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone 8 | Samsung App Store
iOS + Android Price: Free! (With In-App Purchases)
Windows Phone 8 + Samsung App Store Price: $0.99
Android Release Date: 06/20/2013
iOS Release Date: 06/28/2013
Samsung App Store Release Date: 11/20/2013
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.1
Download For:  Android Button  iOS Button  Windows Button  Samsung Apps

For thousands of years the world has cast the poor and unwanted underground. The citizens of earth are ruled with fear; fear of being cast into the unknown below the surface. Society prospers and marvelous cities are constructed across the planet as a showcase of the endless wealth.

Little do they know that below the surface there is a cruel and powerful force preparing for war. You must lead your people against the city dwellers to reclaim your home no matter the odds. Do you have what it takes to be victorious in the first great “Under War”?

~Huge world to unlock
5 continents to unlock, each with their own visual style, with 50 levels to battle through with more coming all the time!

~Unique Action-RPG-RTS gameplay
Control your army by launching your 5 unique unit types towards the surface while avoiding obstacles.

~Upgrades! Upgrades! UPGRADES!
Customize your experience with more than 120 upgrades for your units, 8 unique power-ups, and 3 game-changing abilities. As your units improve they gain distinct visual upgrades to reflect their new power. Fully upgrade your army to master battlefield!

~Bonus Objectives
Challenge yourself by completing each level while fulfilling a unique secondary goal to receive a bonus! Long-term goals will reward you for your dedication to the cause with huge amounts of gems to further your mission.

~Retro visual style
Pixelated graphics give the game an old-school feel while delivering a stunning experience.

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Critter Crossing

Critter Crossing Icon Platform: iOS
Price: $0.99
iOS Release Date: 08/9/2013
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.2
Download For: iOS Button

How many times have you been driving along, see an animal, and stop to let it cross only to have it run across when you start moving again. Well this is the game that explains all of that. It turns out they do it for fun and to see who can get closer without getting hit.  Work your way up from turtle all the way to the best of the road crossers, the squirrel!  Compete online with your friends just like the animals do! Remember, get as close as you can without getting hit!

Critter 4  Critter 3  Critter 2

Critter 1


Xtreme Ballooning

Xtreme Ballooning Icon Platform: iOS
Price: Free!
iOS Release Date: 07/20/2013
Development Platform: Unity 3D v.4.1
Download For: iOS Button
There’s a squirrel in trouble and he needs your help! The first hot air balloon flight by a squirrel has gone terribly wrong. Help the squirrel avoid obstacles like mountains, spikes, lightning, and even planes as he pilots his hot air balloon. Help him collect coins that can be spent on upgrades to the balloon or just to change its color. Compete with your friends on the leaderboard to see who can help the squirrel go the farthest distance!


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